Exhibit 10.18


First Amendment to Employment Agreement


WHEREAS, MYMD Pharmaceuticals. Inc (the “Company”) and Paul M. Rivard, Esq. (“Employee”) (collectively “the Parties”) entered into an Employment Agreement dated September 21, 2020 (“Agreement”); and


WHEREAS, for good and valuable consideration the Parties hereby wish to amend the Agreement as follows:


Exhibit “C” to the Agreement is replaced with the Exhibit “C” appended hereto.


  MYMD Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  /s/ James A. McNulty
  By: James A. McNulty, CEO
  Paul M. Rivard, Esq.
  /s/ Paul M. Rivard, Esq.







Milestone Bonuses due upon achievement of milestones


Set forth below is the schedule pursuant to which the Employee will be paid $20,000 at the time each of the pending patent applications are issued to the Company. Each bonus will be paid 30 days after receipt of the Issued Patent.


Title   Assignee   App. No.   Estimated (Actual) Issuance
Methods of Reversing Normal Aging Process and Extending Lifespan   MyMD Pharmaceuticals, Inc.   16/680,677   2Q 2021
Pharmaceutical Salts of Isomyosmine and Pharmaceutical Compositions Containing Same   MyMD Pharmaceuticals, Inc.   16/672,714   (10/20/2020)
Method of Regulating Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha (TNF-α) for Treating Cancers, Autoimmune Disorders, and Other Disorders Associated with Chronic Inflammation   MyMD Pharmaceuticals, Inc.   16/785,747   (11/17/2020)
Method of Treating Viral Infections   MyMD Pharmaceuticals, Inc.   16/791,290   (9/29/2020)
Method of Treating Coronavirus   MyMD Pharmaceuticals, Inc.   16/792,492   1Q 2021
Methods of Regulating Oxidoreductase for Treatment of Aging and Age-related Disorders   MyMD Pharmaceuticals, Inc.   16/928,255   4Q 2021
Method of Treating Disorders Associated with Chronic Inflammation   MyMD Pharmaceuticals, Inc.   17/084,012   1Q 2022
Synthetic Cannabinoid Compounds for Treatment of Substance Addiction and Other Disorders   Supera Pharmaceuticals, Inc.   16/612,472   1Q 2021